“Resilient people are like trees bending in the wind. They bounce back.”

Stephen Southwick, M.D.

Professor of Psychiatry, Yale University School of Medicine

There is no doubt that today’s corporate environment requires resiliency. From mergers & acquisitions to quarter-by-quarter profitability pressures to constant internal reorganization, the pace of change can be overwhelming.

Why do some people easily roll through change or quickly bounce back from a crisis while others are slow to adjust – if they recover at all?

There are two key factors to resiliency: Inner strength and an outer support network. Both are qualities and resources you can build for yourself to carry you through challenging times.

Let’s tackle the easier one first – building a support network. As a professional, you know how important it is to have a network of people who can offer guidance and encouragement. Have an idea you want to bring forward? Recruit your reinforcements for greater success.

Also build your support network outside of your career or business. Strengthen and cultivate your family ties and/or friendships. This support team for your “real life” will bring a different level of encouragement and just plain fun.

Every day, do at least one thing to build each of these networks. These can be simple acts – send an encouraging email, connect on social media, or make a quick phone call. The key here is to show your authentic enthusiasm and interest. You’ll also find that giving support is just as satisfying and nurturing as receiving it.

Building up your inner strength can be more difficult to do. One important way to build your resiliency is to think back to challenges you faced and successfully moved through. How did you navigate that bumpy road? What skills did you tap into? What did you learn from the experience that you can use in meeting new challenges?

These are great questions for your personal journal. Bringing past difficulties to mind – and realizing how well you managed to weather the storm – increases your self-knowledge and appreciation of your own strength and endurance.

Build your resiliency and you’ll find it much easier to ride the waves of change in your workplace and life and be better equipped to quickly bounce back from a crisis.

Be fearless!


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