Fearless Woman Executive Coaching

Fearless Talent Development has coached thousands of women executives and entrepreneurs – women who are passionate about their career and business, but who have become frustrated by their inability to be heard and feel thwarted in their ambitions and efforts to make a meaningful, rewarding contribution. If this sounds like you, learn how to turn your challenges into advantages, and how to fearlessly tackle overt and implicit bias in the work and business environment.

  • Customized one-on-one sessions to meet your individual needs and maximize your effectiveness
  • Proven communication techniques to speak up and take action to promote your ideas
  • Practical strategies you can implement immediately that meet your personal goals and increase company profitability
  • A systematic approach for corporations to fill the executive management pipeline gap



Develop Fearless Women Leaders

Does your organization want to train and develop female leadership? Fearless Talent Development will work with you to craft processes and programs to bring out the best in your emerging women leaders and experienced executives. Studies have shown that companies with strong female leadership are more stable and profitable, because they are tapping into the talents of all their employees, not just a small percentage.

  • Customized plan to meet your company’s leadership development needs
  • Systematic approach to fill the executive management pipeline gap, includes coaching teams and individuals
  • Programs designed to identify and reduce unconscious gender bias, leading to greater profitability
  • Create an environment that improves retention and makes your company a desirable workplace


Develop Fearless Diversity

It’s been proven time and again that companies with a diverse workforce are more profitable and successful. Fearless Talent Development guides you to harness the energy inherent in a robust employee diversity plan – from recruiting to mentoring to effectively deploying your emerging leaders for maximum impact. If you’ve been unsuccessful in your attempts to implement diversity and inclusion processes and programs, let us dig into the underlying issues, root them out, and get your company on the right track to a more productive workforce and higher profits.

  • Customized plan to make diversity and inclusion a centerpiece of your team-building efforts
  • Uncover the implicit bias holding your company back
  • Bridge the generation gap and ignite your millennial workforce
  • Create more profitability by fostering an environment where everyone feels their contributions are welcomed and valued


Take The Lead Program

Research clearly indicates companies with women in leadership roles experience a rise in the collective intelligence of the group and an increase in profitability. Through the Take The Lead program we identify and develop the female talent in your organization, working with your entire team to understand the importance of gender parity in corporate success and then craft a robust plan to support new women leaders.

  • Transforms women’s relationship with power and intention
  • Builds a woman’s talent for changing “systems” to succeed in the world as it is
  • Focuses on solutions rather than problems
  • Pushes towards leadership gender parity



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